Based in Sandrigo, in the province of Vicenza, with over 50 years of experience, the company specializes in the production of cores using Shell-Moulding technology, with a fleet of 12 machines of different sizes and types. Originally founded as a foundry in 1970, it is led by one of the founders, Giuliano Todescato, with the collaboration of his wife Francesca, daughters Giulia and Irene, and of the technical manager Fabio. The company’s characteristic family management promotes a pragmatic approach to continuous improvement, with courageous investments in the technologies used, production facilities, and customer base.

Over the past thirty years, the relationship with Primafond has been constant, with the shared intention of closely following the major technological developments underway, consolidating mutual trust between partners.

Giuliano Todescato, Owner


The expressed objectives were essentially four, all revolving around achieving greater efficiency in terms of production volumes and process continuity, as well as cost efficiency. Firstly, there was a need to monitor and control the entire production line in real-time. Secondly, there was a need to be able to respond promptly in the event of problems or a slowdown of the machines. And finally, the ability to accurately calculate costs and profits for each individual production, interacting with each operator directly from the offices.

The solution

Fully seizing the opportunities and insights offered by Industry 4.0, the company in Sandrigo turned once again to Primafond for another joint innovation initiative. Two new SMEC 25-SP Shell Moulding core shooter machines were integrated, characterized mainly by their dual lateral and bottom shooting capabilities, electric and gas core box heating, as well as the usual ease of use and some special applications requested by the customer.


The company has experienced increased efficiency and speed in processes and a reduction in errors. With the establishment of network connectivity throughout the company, the connection between machinery and computers through remote control software, the entire production process is monitored.
With the elimination of manual transcription of production data, even the obtainable information has increased. Furthermore, customer satisfaction represents tangible proof of the benefits of digitalization.The greater technology applied to machines also significantly facilitates the work of the operator, favoring the practicality, precision, and safety of operations. The support of the machinery supplier and their team of consultants and programmers was crucial for the accurate study and competence in creating a customized system, which will soon be implemented to continue on the path of innovation.

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