Foundry located in Orio Litta, in the province of Lodi, at the forefront of producing foundry cores for casting various materials: cast iron, steel, aluminium, special alloys, etc.

With extensive experience and meticulous attention to detail, they deliver high-quality products tailored to even the most demanding Clients, expertly crafting the right mixture of sands, resins, additives, and hardeners for each specific request.

Their wide selection of moulding machines for both COLD-BOX and SHELL MOULDING processes, ranging from a few grams to 800 kg, has earned them recognition from major foundries.

With over 20 semi-automatic core shooter machines in the COLD-BOX department, ranging from 2 to 150 liters, and 5 machines in the SHELL MOULDING department, they offer comprehensive services including painting, immersion, and spray coating, alongside specialized drying processes for impeccable finishing.

“LG PRIMET SRL and PRIMAFOND have established a solid technical partnership that has lasted for 35 years. Thanks to this successful collaboration, we were able to achieve extraordinary results and satisfy all our needs. We look forward to continuing this adventure together and facing new challenges that await us in the future. ”

Gaetano Contrafatto, Owner 


The continuous commitment to investing in modernizing facilities and improving working conditions underpinned the recent request to the supplier: a significant production implementation aimed at making it even more versatile by introducing Industry 4.0-inspired interconnectivity. With ISO 9001 certification, the dedication to customer satisfaction is realized through close collaboration in design, optimizing production with competitive solutions.

The solution

Primafond’s expertise was focused on creating an innovative plant featuring a customized 60-liter capacity core shooter machine, the tenth of its kind, boasting the same versatile characteristics as its predecessors of different types supplied since 1990: SCB 2.5 – SCB 80 – SCB30 – SCB40 – SPAR7 – 2 SCB60 – SPAG15 and SCB150! In the shell molding department, the company also sought Primafond’s assistance, utilizing models such as SMEC35 and SMEC70 for an integrated solution.


With the latest installation and the adaptation of the sand feeding system, an optimal solution has been achieved through fruitful collaboration between partners, meeting the initially set objectives. The utilization of innovative processes has further enhanced production efficiency and precision. At the project’s conclusion, advanced control and movement systems are complemented by dynamic and flexible service, offering prompt assistance, spare parts, and consultancy. The respective commitment, expertise, and professionalism distinguish this collaboration, affirming mutual trust and esteem.


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