The history of Modelgaggio Srl dates back a long time: exactly from 1969 when Mr. Braidi Fiorenzo, after learning the trade from his brother, decided to work on his own. He started in the garage under his parents’ house and then, in 1972, he formed a partnership with a friend and worked first only as a mechanical modeling company, then also as a shell molding core shop. Over the years, it has grown to the current headquarters in Via dei Platani in Gaggia di Piano, in a facility of 1500 square meters covered and 1500 square meters of courtyard area.
In 2008, the paths of the two partners diverged and Mr. Braidi continued the core shop business alone in the current location. After the departure of Mr. Braidi, the company is managed by his daughter Veronica, who continues the project so dear to her father.
They have always operated only on the Italian market. We mainly work for the automotive sector, water pumps, spare parts in general, and parts for foundries. Currently, Modelgaggio’s machinery park consists of 12 cold-box core shooting machines and 5 shell molding machines.

“One of Primafond’s strengths, in addition to the quality of the machinery, is undoubtedly the promptness in providing us with solutions to problems, making them reliable collaborators.”

Veronica Braidi, Owner 


The need to expand the machinery park, the desire to satisfy the requests of new customers who have asked us for supplies of cores produced with the inorganic process, and the decision to diversify production led us to choose Primafond to meet these new purposes.

The solution

In 2016, they introduced the inorganic process by purchasing a Primafond SCB20N core shooting machine: customized with a shooting capacity of 20 liters, powered by its own sand mixture preparation plant for the various types of cores. Later, it was then integrated with the cold-box system to use it at full capacity.
In 2021, they purchased another Primafond SCB20N cold-box core shooting machine installed next to the previous one, thus obtaining a highly performing system.
Given the efficiency of Primafond’s core shooting machines and the need to replace a machine in the hot department, in 2021, they purchased an SMEC 25M-156 shell molding core shooting machine with horizontal shooting, practical and functional for the production of small and medium-sized cores.


The introduction of Primafond’s core shooting machines in the production cycle has improved the quality of the final product, allowed cost savings, brought an improvement in working conditions, and allowed us to fully satisfy the requests of our customers. With the introduction of “Industry 4.0” interconnection in the company in 2021, thanks to the flexibility of the software connected to Primafond’s assistance network, they were able to speed up the production organization.
The promptness in supplying spare parts and documentation, as well as remote assistance, give us the possibility to work without excessive production stoppages, which are so detrimental to delivery scheduling.

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