Specialized in the production of cores using the Shell Moulding and Cold-Box techniques, based in Concordia, in the province of Modena, this company, which has about 40 molding machines, has successfully introduced technology based on inorganic binders over time.

The service offered expands from product and equipment development to mathematical models, and delivery to customers’ warehouses, but goes through various stages of process analysis, raw material verification, product assembly, and painting on customer request.

ISO 9001:2015 certified, the company has gained experience working with world-renowned clients in various sectors, including automotive, motorcycle, irrigation, and hydraulics.

“Primafond machines are part of a phase in our company’s life that sees us as a reference for Italy’s main cast iron and aluminum foundries and among the largest in Europe, recognizing our quality, reliability, initiative, and continuous research.”

Dr. Alberto Meschieri, Owner 


To enhance the production system of cores with the specialized process based on the new technology of inorganic binders, constantly ensuring quality from the preparation of raw material recipes to the management of the mixture, injection, reaction and extraction, storage, packaging, and transportation.

To pay attention to various environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity in constant exchange with raw material producers to identify the best possible solution to molding problems, casting holding, surface finishing, and moldability.

The Solution

In close partnership and continuous constructive dialogue, Primafond has provided the customer with a customized machine for core molding with the inorganic process, complete with sand feeding and preparation system controlled by PLC and equipped with automatic dosing systems that guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the identified recipes. With a shot capacity of 40 liters, core boxes can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, up to a size of 1000×1000 mm.
Installation and testing of various control and motion systems of the new project are integrated into the service, dynamic and flexible, as well as offering prompt assistance, spare parts, and documentation.


After the entire system was installed, Officine Meschieri optimized and diversified production, an experience that convinced the Modena-based company to acquire a new machine for important volumes, also based on inorganic binder molding, which should allow it to offer this technology to new customers who until now have not found supply or consulting capacity.  

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