SCB-N Cold Box

Core-shooting machines for Cold Box: cold molding process that utilizes room temperature polymerizing resin

SCB-N 5-10-20-30


One of the main characteristic of the new machine is the blow head and gassing plate moving laterally.

This means that while gassing is taking place, new sand is being charged from the hopper to refill the shooting head.

They are designed to ensure high quality production, working safety, silent operation and easy maintenance. Traditional core boxes in wood, resin and metal can be used, with or without ejectors. These machines do not require foundations.

These strong, simple and functional machines are the ideal solution for the production of small and medium-sized cores.

All Primafond core-shooter machines are constructed according to the CE regulation in force. These machines are designed to be connected to a ventilation and air cleaning plant.

Primafond manufactures tailor-made machines with dimensions and characteristics
​suitable to meet the customer’s requirements. 

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