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Accessory completion machines for core-shops and foundries

Primafond crushing units



Because of the difficulties (due to the regulation in force) concerning the dumping of core sands that are considered special waste material, we have proposed to several customers a simple recovery unit, that doesn’t need maintenance.

We can assure that the crushed sand from scrap cores and core candles can be used again to make other cores at the addition rate of up to 10% to new sand, without any drawback to the core quality or in the casting.

Sand from shell moulding cores can be crushed and recycled again into green sand plants or to make cores with Cold Box process. In addition all the cores, in Cold Box or Shell Moulding, can be put into the crusher’s tank, complete with reinforcements, nails, and sand-refuse sweepings, clean-down sand and general foundry trash including paper, rags, wood-pieces… without causing any damage to the machine.

​This system is functional, efficient, convenient and inexpensive.



PRIMAFOND makes pneumatic conveyors that have proved to be a practical and modern solution for the movement of dry sand.

Our experience in design and construction of small plants for the pneumatic conveyance of sand lets us guarantee an efficient operation with the minimum power consumption. 

Primafond sand conveyors
Primafond tanks for dipping coating


For Foundry Cores

PRIMAFOND makes tanks for mixing and holding core coating, with a pneumatic agitation system that allows the use of either alcohol or water coatings, without risks of fire.

This system is very effective and has been tested for long periods by several foundries and core shops.


Core deflashing machine with three-dimensional vibration

PRIMAFOND makes a machine for the removal of flash on core joint-lines, that are caused by the centre-line of core boxes during production.

The core is placed on a proper jig on the vibrating table.
The flash is gradually removed, as it rubs against the jig’s surface.

The use of the machine VTA 500 gives the following advantages:
– operating time reduction (at least 70%) when compared with manual core dressing.
– the more complex the core , the more time is saved.
– average cycle time of 3-5 seconds (excluded loading & unloading time)
– simple change of the jig.

Primafond vibrocores

Primafond manufactures tailor-made machines with dimensions and characteristics
​suitable to meet the customer’s requirements. 

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