Foundry Sand Mixing Machines

Sand mixing machines and distribution systems used in the production of foundry cores for the Cold-Box process


For Cold Box


Foundries are always striving to improve the quality and the precision of their products, as well as aiming for the continual reduction of costs. The quality of cores has a very important part to play in reaching these objectives.

PRIMAFOND is constantly researching the most simple and efficient solutions, making core sand preparation and distribution systems of various types and for several processes, either simple or complex, according to the customer’s requirements.

For the sand and resin mix preparation, the best mixing and homogeneity are obtained with batch mixers. The batch mixers made by Primafond, model MER 50 – MER 100 – MER 150 – MER 200 are of a all-steel construction, with wear-resistant mixing components, which are replaceable.

One batch mixer MER can together with a distribution system, feed one or more core-shooter machines. The use of only one mixer for many core-shooters gives many advantages including a practical and efficient installation and savings in maintenance operations.

Primafond makes simple, efficient and automatic systems for mixer sand charging, resin dosing and sand-mix distribution to several core-shooter machines.

​Our long experience in this field ensures excellent results.

Primafond manufactures tailor-made machines with dimensions and characteristics
​suitable to meet the customer’s requirements. 

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