Gassing Units

Gas generators for the production process of foundry cores, which transform the catalyst into steam and provide the necessary pressure to ensure the quality of cores


For Foundry Cores


Foundries are always striving to improve the quality and the precision of their products, as well as aiming for the continual reduction of costs. The quality of cores have a very important part to play in reaching these objectives.

PRIMAFOND is constantly researching the most simple and efficient solutions, making gas-generators of various types and for several processes, according to the customer’s needs.

The gas-generators made by PRIMAFOND are modern, safe, very efficient, reducing catalyst consumption to a minimum. Automatic operation, facility with every type of core-shooter.

G C B for Cold Box process (amine)
Widely used with excellent results, these gas generators ensure precise amine dosing.
High efficiency heating system.

G B S 1-1 for Betaset process (methylformiat) – direct injection –
Methylformiat filling by means of a pneumatic pump, connected directly to the container, which can be placed at any safety distance from the unit.

G I S 1 – 2 for Isoset process (sulphurous acid SO2)
These gas generators have a cabinet for the SO2 heating.

G C O for Carbon Dioxide process CO2
The use of a modern gas generator for CO2 reduce gassing time and CO2 consumption.

G A Air heaters for Inorganic process
these heaters combined with a machine with heated core boxes, allow to obtain cores with inorganic process with excellent results.
High efficiency heating system.

Primafond manufactures tailor-made machines with dimensions and characteristics
​suitable to meet the customer’s requirements. 

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