Hydraulic Wedges Spreaders

Technical tools used for breaking casting risers or separating parts of a casting



PRIMAFOND wedge feeder breakers are used to ‘snap’ risers and ‘runner bars’ from castings, in ductile iron, grey iron, manganese steel and bronze castings.

They assure many advantages:
-reduction of costs due to operation speed
-low capital investment
-elimination of noise, dust and possible accidents caused by the traditional systems (cut-off wheels or hammers)
-small and simple to install.

The wedge feeder breakers are operated by hydraulic power units.

Wedge feeder breakers model SMAT 50, 63, 80 and 100 have rotating heads to allow for the easy manipulation of the wedge tool. The power of these tools is suitable for breaking big risers, where a suitable entry space is available.

As the space between one casting and another or between the casting and the feeder tends to be reduced putting more and more pieces in the moulding box, there is a great demand for small size feeder breakers. Primafond has successfully made a tool model that can be inserted into small gaps while having the same power as provided to the larger tools.

​The model SMAT 50 MINI, with fixed head, is light and easy to handle.

Primafond manufactures tailor-made machines with dimensions and characteristics
​suitable to meet the customer’s requirements. 

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